Learn English Pronunciation - Vowels' a, ar' in 'match, march'. Listen in British English, American English and more.

English Vowels

Sound 1; short sound
match, can, stand, pack, Dan, lass, ant, lack, fathom, graphic mash, paragraph, stack, plastic, manage, pal, pat, passion, chat, cat, hat, ant, match, Pam, cab, sad, happy, thank, land, fantastic, plait
Spelling: (a, ai)

Sound 2; long sound
march, can’t, staff, park, dance, last, pass, aren’t, lark, father, stark, car, marsh, graph, plaster, art, part, partial, chart, cart heart, half, calm, palm, aunt, laugh, draught, sergeant, bazaar, bizarre
Spelling: (a, ar, ear, al, ear, au, er, aar, arre)

Compare sounds 1 & 2
hat-heart, match-march, ant-aren’t, can-can’t, cat-cart
• You aren’t my aunt Anna
• They laughed and chatted in Mattingly Park
• Mac and Mark are having a party in March
• Write half a paragraph under this graph
• Thanks for parking my car, sergeant

The sounds in accents below marked * do not always correspond with the above picture and phonemic symbol. Click on accent names below for diagrams and more details.

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